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About Website

Berserk Designs is the personal site of Antonio Rubi.

Originally built to practice coding with, it has never reached any kind of stardome and probably never will. But here we are, still rebuilding, still growing, still trying to help out if I can. Contact me Please! Theres many ways you can reach me, please find a way, thanks.

About Me

Last Name: Rubi
First Name: Antonio
City: Walnut Creek, CA
Country: United States

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Hgt: 5'11" lbs
Wgt: 170 lbs

Security Clearance: Secret

Occupation: Programmer (Unavailable for work at this time)

Hobbies: Thinking, Gaming, Computers, Technology, Helicopters, Drones, Photography, Philisophy, Theology, Bushcraft, Movies, Special Effects, Animals Kinship, Shamanism, Giving, Changing the World, PWNING N00BS, Teaching, Sharing, Military, Weapontry, Martial Arts, Hacking, Natureism, Inventing, Eclecticism, The Fortean, Researching, Essoteric Knowledge, Theoretics, Theorycrafting, Strategy, Poker, Chess, Swimming, Traveling, Coding, Astrology, Spirituality, Hospice, Healing.